Broadband. You can trust.

Let's Keep Broadband Simple.

Here at the geeks we believe in simplicity, that's why we only offer one type of connection, and a speed chosen by you to form your broadband package.

The types of connection we offer (in geeky jargon) are FTTP, SOGEA and leased lines for bigger requirements.

Business Broadband


Home Broadband


Broadband product details. Simple.

FTTPFrom £35pm
SOGEAFrom £33pm

Description of Service

Fibre to the premisis (Ultimate Speed)

*Subject to availability as per UK rollout

DSL (Internet) Over existing telephone cabling.

Slowly being phased out as FTTP is rolled out across the UK.

Maximum Speed Available for Purchase

1000 Mbps Download

115 Mbps Upload

80 Mbps Download

20 Mbps Upload

Reliable Connection

Enhanced SLA's available

What one should I choose?

Choose me for the fastest, most reliable connection and ultimate speed! Yes... it's that fast. As fast as light 😉

Choose me if FTTP isn't available in your area or you would like a backup option.

Technical Details and Reasoning (More Geeky Stuff!!!)

Looking for something a little more... Geeky?

We can also offer leased lines for those that need a little more... OOMPH! Or reliable resiliant enterprise MPLS solutions that are designed to requirement.