Who are the Geeks?

Who are the Geeks? With over 20 years of collective technical experience, we are the solution to data recovery problems.

Who are the geeks? Picture of Owen Humphries, Geek Co-Founder

Owen Humphries

A true geek to the core! Owen - a co-founder and director of "The Geeks" takes every step in his way to ensure your day is a little better by getting your data back safe and sound.

With a vast knowledge working as a 3rd Line Systems Engineer, Owen dedicates his time to unmasking the myths behind data recovery.

Owen faces vast quantities of challenges from all sectors and overcomes them consistently but more importantly learns from them.  He has been witness to poor practices and terrible customer experiences and wants to build a brand based on transparency.

Dan Evans

Dan has over a decade of experience in enterprise sized network design and core system architecture.  Over the last few years Dan has managed a team of highly skilled and talented IT professionals. 

He is described as "battle harderned" as he has been thrown into the deep end of disasters since he started his career. 

Consequently, Dan has become a disaster recovery expert and after seeing organisations being charged tens of thousands for Data recovery. Dan wants to really dent the DR market and aid in it's regulation. 

Who are the Geeks? Picture of Dan Evans, Geek Co-Founder

A Budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went quotation image

Smart Spending = Smart Business

"You get what you pay for."

You hear that phrase a lot and in many cases it is true.  However, the Data Recovery industry is ridiculously expensive and we could not figure out why.  You can argue that you cannot put a price on experience and there are some very experienced professionals out there, but we believe the price of our expertise should be dictated by us, not by this so called "market".

Data Recovery has evolved and moved on from the days of needing people that know everything.   We utilise modern devices and applications that do the job so effectively we have almost made ourselves redundant.  As a result, we can operate 24/7 and carry out data recovery as we sleep and even remotely.  

Since modern recovery companies use the same tools as we do, we asked ourselves..  Are they essentially charging for the progress bar or are they charging you for the salary of the person to watch that bar?

Data Recovery | Industry 4.0

The Geeks are highly experienced in back-end infrastructure for enterprise sized systems and this has taught us that productivity, optimisation and efficiency trumps all because without them, a company simply fails.

Our company is founded upon these principles.  Utilising our experience we built a business upon combined systems to automate the majority of the Data Recovery and Backup System processes.  This reduced down the need for a human so far that the business can scale without new staff.  However, we obviously understand the importance of people.  A balance between human and automatic interaction is critical to maintain a high level of customer service.  In other words, we keep humans doing what humans do best and machines doing what they do best. 

By bringing automation and AI into this industry we are disrupting the market pricing, driving costs down to a more realistic level.  Consequently, we are saving thousands for customers and businesses each day and intend to keep that figure rising.

It is time Data Recovery modernised it's business model and we believe that can only be done by starting a fresh.  That is to say, Hi, we are The Geeks, how can we help?

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Transparency And Responsibility

Yes, we are a profit making organisation but we operate at less than 5% gross profit yet achieve a higher net profit.  For this reason,  we ensure our outgoings are low to provide a low cost but good profit model which benefits both the customer and business. 

Of course we also understand our environmental responsibilities and have built the company with a paperless and recycle conscious ideology.   In other words, a printer will never be purchased and we will reuse suitable cardboard packaging for shipping,  as well as recycle any cardboard or plastics we cannot reuse.  

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