The Geeks Managed Backup System. Lets get serious for a second.

Why Us?

Do you really think your backup salesman knows the inner workings of a hard drive or SSD?  We do.

We know every failure point, every problem, every situation that leads to data loss and as such our backup solution comes with one thing more than anyone else can offer. Insurance.

If your backup were to fail, we will resort to our bread and butter and begin recovery of your hard drives with no additional cost to your backup agreement.  

This puts the onus on us to ensure verified, integral backups are working 100% of the time.

We are taking responsibility not just because a piece of paper says we must but because we, of all people, understand the importance of data to both businesses and to people individually.  

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Simply Simplify

Backups should be part of your everyday life.  We know this, you know this.   Lets not pretend we have made it this far in life and never knew to back up.  Yet companies like us exist.  

The problem many businesses (and individuals) suffer from is the multitude of media devices to store it upon.  SD Cards, Tapes, USB Sticks, NAS Drives, External and Internal Hard Drives..

We have often seen businesses "borrowing" space from the backups and using it for live data and so you end up backing up to the same location.   Handover to other employees is a nightmare and the management, troubleshooting and checking of the backups is always put on the back burner.  Your day to day comes first. 

We get it, so hand it to us. 



Back up to the Cloud

Simplify your back up by handing over to The Geeks Managed Backup System

We'll back up your desktops and/or servers utilising the best backup software that we've ever worked with. We do not mess around, it's the best or nothing.    If you need to recover, you are still in the driving seat, with our on demand, self service restoration right there at your fingertips.

Let us look after it, manage it, monitor it and check it.  Focus on your priorities and let us take care of the boring stuff for you, because life is too short to worry about a backup and too stressful to deal with data loss. 

  • Datacentres

    Data is stored on UK mainland in a secure datacenter, giving you confidence that your data is always secure and geographically locked to the UK.

  • 7 Years Retention

    Your backed up data will be archived for 7 years. Archived data is free to store, so use as much as you want.

  • Full System or File Level Options

    Sometimes you do not require absolutely everything to be backed up. Save some money with file level restoration options.

  • We are here, when you need us.

    You have full control of your restorations, however if you need us we are always on hand. Any time.

  • Routine Checks

    We routinely check and test restoration. Whether that is a file/folder or an entire virtual machine, we ensure your backup is ready if you ever need it.