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Back my data UP

Daily Backups

Automated and checked daily, your backups run out of hours or in the background during the day and inform us of any problems. We jump on and fix those issues without bothering you, you don't see us, you don't hear from us.  Like Geeky ninjas.


Fully Managed, Fully Monitored

Automatic and Reliable

7 Years of Recovery Retention


If you are a Geek yourself, this will make sense to you.  If you are not a Geek, this is our way of saying, it's secure, really secure. 


256bit AES and 448 Blowfish Encryption

ISO 9001-14001-27001-50001, OHSAS 18801, PCI DSS and Chapter 9 compliant SSAE16 SOC1

2FA capable (subject to activation)



Support technologies like SQL, Sharepoint, Office 365, VMWare, HyperV, MySQL and Oracle RMAN.


Virtual Recovery

Central Remote Management and Monitoring

Local optional backup copy (subject to local equipment)

Prices start at just £12 per month - Laptop/PC

A backup solution... tailored to you...

Our solution is designed for laptops, desktops and servers. 

Don't worry about your backups again, we have your back... up...  (sorry, Geek pun)


The Geeks managed cloud backup is compatible with Windows
The Geeks managed cloud backup is compatible with Apple/Mac
The Geeks managed cloud backup is compatible with Linux

Back my data UP

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Data Protection requirements have been part of law for a very long time.

However with the new General Data Protection Regulation, it has teeth and sharp ones at that.  You are responsible for your data and what you do with it, that includes data you store in the cloud.  Working in accordance to the GDPR we offer a solution that ticks all the boxes when it comes to your data's safety. 

Who better to trust than a company that specialises in Data and Disaster Recovery?