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  • Terms and Conditions of Physical Recovery

Physical recovery will likely require parts and possibly more invasive techniques to get your data back. 

Any plastic casing (common for external hard drives) will not be returned and deposed of. 

We need to first evaluate the drive before we make any hard decisions on the options we have, but the price you see is likely the maximum price.  There is a good chance after assessment the price will reduce, this estimate is to give you an idea on how much it could cost if your drive is in the worst case scenario.  The assessment is free of charge and will confirm the true cost of recovery.  You are not obligated to continue after our quotation after the assessment and we will return the drive free of charge. 

If a recovery cannot be made, you will not be charged a penny.  

In rare circumstances, typically with large capacity drives, we might negotiate a price plan more customised than this generic quote.  Sometimes the risk is too great for us to take on by ourselves and we might arrange a part payment plan to cover some of the costs associated to obtaining parts.  We will be clear about this via email. 

Why are we different?

Typically recovery companies assess the drive and then quote you a rather extortionate figure and hold you to that regardless if successful or not.  We've seen companies charge organisations thousands to receive no data back at all. That is ridiculous.

We understand overheads and salaries still need to be paid, but to say to you, as a customer, please pay us £££ and we'll "do our best" to get your data back opens up this sector to abuse. 
We record everything we do and provide you evidence of that. We are proud to be transparent.

Why is it expensive?

Drive parts are becoming harder and harder to find.  We genuinely need to find a hard drive that fell off the same conveyor belt as your drive.  Meaning we need to match the donor hard drive to not just to the nearest month but also down to original factory of where your drive was manufactured, which is typically in Taiwan, China or Malaysia.  This is just one part to match, we also have to match on average another 6 aspects of your drive. Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, Firmware, Chip Numbers etc.  It gets even harder because sometimes the part numbers for the components we need to match are not listed on the front label of a hard drive and it is impossible for a non technical person to find those numbers.  As such, normal consumer sales sites, such as eBay, just do not provide us enough information in their descriptions to "chance" it, as the odds are certainly not in our favour.   

We have to use suppliers who, in many cases,  mark the price up substantially because they know how much those parts are worth.   It is a monopolised industry and we rely on relationships with trusted companies to find those parts.  Unfortunately, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this has written off many suppliers that we used to use, both in Russia and in Ukraine.  We cannot work with Russia due to sanctions and our Ukrainian partners are unfortunately going through worse things at the moment.   It's a hard industry but we do our best to find the best deals.  We take the risk with you as there is no guarantee, but our expertise and knowledge tends to keep us going and it has done since 2018. 


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