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The best data recovery system is a good backup system.

We understand the importance of data, we recover it every day and although we are sometimes the saviours we are also the shoulders to cry on.

We offer a comprehensive cloud backup service to home and business users and by working with our partners we can provide around the clock support service to ensure your data is backed up routinely at a schedule that suites you.

The Geeks managed cloud backup is compatible with Windows The Geeks managed cloud backup is compatible with Apple/Mac The Geeks managed cloud backup is compatible with Linux
Fully Compatible

Personal Cloud Backup
per month, per 100GB

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Managed Server Cloud Backup
Per Month, Per 500GB

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  • Datacentres

    Data is stored on UK mainland in a secure datacenter, giving you confidence that your data is always secure.

  • 7 Years Retention

    Your backed up data will be archived for 7 years.

  • Full System or File Level Options

    Sometimes you do not require absolutely everything to be backed up. Save some money with file level restoration options.

  • We are here, when you need us.

    You have full control of your restorations, however if you need us we are always on hand, 24/7.

How it works...

  • Subscription

    Tell us what you would like to backup, the size of your hard drive(s) or the amount of data you wish to backup and we’ll offer a cost for a full backup solution. Backups can be purchased as monthly plans. Payments are collected automatically.

  • Schedule Installation

    We will schedule a time in with you to onboard your device to back up your data to the cloud. Normally this will be within 24 hours of us receiving valid payment. This will involve us remoting into your computer remotely and installing our backup software and configuring it to your requirements.

  • Initial Sync

    The initial sync begins. Once complete the software monitors for new files automatically and backs up as per the backup schedule.

  • Confirmation

    We’ll keep an eye on it from our side and let you know if we spot a problem. You will also be given access to the backups portal to manage and restore your own files. Giving you full control of your data.


Check your backups

We provide you with access to your local cloud backups portal. Allowing you to check your backups and run them as you please.


Monitor Everything

We provide you with a backups portal - allowing you to track all of your backups from anywhere in the world.

Terms and Conditions

Workstation computers/Individual computers may not backup due to the uptime of the machine. Devices will only backup as per the schedule if they are in a powered on state. Servers can have a fully managed backup from us that in which we will install our remote client so we can make any required changes or fixes remotely automatically with permission from the customer. Unmanaged solution available.

Any issues with a workstation  backup or unmanaged solution must be reported to us via our helpdesk ticketing system with all details of the issues that you are having. However mostly this will be managed by us unless you opt for the "unmanaged solution" This is where we place all support in your hands.

Any changes to backups will be logged. If something is changed by the customer and it is not included in the backup. The customer is liable. If the customer would like us to fix an issue. We provide a free reinstall/reconfigure service.